What To Do Before Liposuction surgery

Liposuction Surgery in Dubai

What To Do Before Liposuction surgery

While liposuction surgery has gained much popularity and is frequently performed, it should never be regarded as a standard treatment. Although liposuction is considered a safe and successful procedure for those who meet the requirements, it should still be considered a serious surgery with associated risks. To ensure a risk-free, safe treatment and quick recovery from liposuction, following your surgeon’s preparatory instructions is crucial. 

If you are considering liposuction surgery, here’s what you should know!

Abstain from smoking before liposuction surgery

Smoking increases your chances of bleeding, delayed healing, and other hazardous consequences after surgery. Smoking should be avoided for at least one month before your liposuction surgery and for at least one month after it. Smoking might decrease blood flow through the circulatory system, limiting your body’s capacity to repair during the crucial post-surgical recovery period.

Don’t skip to mention your health concerns in your consultation

A consultation is scheduled before your procedure wherein you will be questioned extensively about your health status, medical history, previous surgical experiences, and the outcomes you hope to achieve from liposuction during this visit. 

Provide frank and thorough responses to these inquiries. It’s risky to withhold facts out of concern that you won’t get care. Your cosmetic surgeon won’t be able to prepare for your specific risk factors and provide the safe, effective liposuction outcomes you want to see without a full medical history. Being honest and up-to-date throughout your appointment will help you avoid unneeded hassles.

Try maintaining a stable weight before liposuction surgery

The temptation to lose a few additional pounds beforehand to improve your outcomes may be strong once your liposuction consultation is done and your procedure is planned. However, if you lose a considerable amount of weight before surgery, it may have an impact on your final results. 

Avoid extreme weight-loss methods, including crash, exclusion, and other restrictive diets. Your body will not only be weakened or famished before surgery, but you also run a greater risk of putting the weight back on afterward. Extreme weight gain after liposuction can be extremely risky and severely impact the outcome of your operation.

Avoid hazardous medicines before liposuction surgery

You must carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions to stop using specific drugs for the two weeks before your liposuction procedure. This is because your chance of developing post-surgical issues, including excessive bleeding, elevated blood pressure, or slow healing, among others, might be increased by some drugs, dietary supplements, and even specific vitamins.

You should refrain from using before your liposuction surgery:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Vitamin E supplements
  • Birth control pills
  • Herbal remedies

The Don’ts before liposuction surgery

The day or two before surgery are crucial for getting ready for liposuction surgery. Be sure to refrain from these behaviors just before surgery:

Shaving: At least 24 hours before your liposuction operation, refrain from shaving the region around your surgical site. After surgery, shaving may result in ingrown hairs and a risk of infection.

Wearing tight clothing: Avoid wearing constrictive or uncomfortable apparel to your procedure. After that, you’ll want to travel home as comfortably as possible.

Driving yourself to the procedure: Plan with a friend or member of your family to provide transportation for you to and from your procedure. Your surgeon won’t permit you to ride a taxi or take public transit after surgery because you won’t be physically capable.

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