It’s been a week since my TT procedure and I’m already seeing results! Dr Hasan is very good at what he does, he gives you realistic expectations but has given me more than what I wanted! He listens to all your concerns and makes sure that you are satisfied. He is friendly and keeps your moral high and gets you excited. I just can’t praise him enough! I’m thankful to my friend that recommended him! His staff is super friendly and helpful too and after care is great!! I highly recommend him!


Excellent Dr in less than one month I lost 9 Kg by doing liposuction using vaser abdominoplasty very good job I really recommend, and the price was reasonable last but not least I salute you.


I’ve had liposuction with Dr. Hasan, it took 4 hours from entering the surgery till I went back home! He was professional genius and experts I totally recommend him and his surgery.
And from here I’d like to thank him and his team for everything they’ve done to me.
Thank you guys


I highly recommend Dr. Ali of Hasan Surgery, Dubai. I am very pleased with the results of my procedure which was performed under local IV sedation. Thanks to the skill and expertise of Dr. Ali, I experienced minimal pain and made a very speedy recovery. Dr. Ali always answered my questions very honestly and concisely and the end result was very natural which what is just I wanted. The clinic is very modern, comfortable and welcoming. The well-chosen staff were extremely competent and compassionate. Dr. Ali is a professional and talented surgeon who I highly recommend.


Dr. Hasan had performed a Vaser lipo on different areas of my body and after 3 years the results still amazing. Of course, I have maintained his good work by monitoring slightly my diet and mildly weekly exercising. Highly professional and expert in the matter, he took time in explaining me the procedure, possible side effect (but I got any) and final results. He immediately put me at ease and offer solution to obtain a realistic result. The anesthetist and nurse were highly professional and compassionate. If I envisage a face lift or else, I will without hesitation request his skills again. Thank you, Dr. Hasan, for giving me back my confidence by modeling my body!


I done a great smooth procedure and I’m satisfied with result so far.


I’m very happy with my results. Dr. Hasan Ali is very professional, and I feel he has magical hands. I love the clinic it’s very neat, clean, comfortable and fully equipped.
I highly recommend Dr. Hasan Ali


Dr. Hasan has done my tummy liposuction back in 2008 and I still have fair results of my surgery. I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and had huge lump in my upper tummy area. This was removed at the same time of liposuction. I have fine scar which is nearly invisible.


I would like to thank Dr. Hasan Ali for the good job he did with me regarding my surgery and the Results was enough to know how good he is.


Dr. Hasan did my incision and drainage for an abscess that was in my left armpit. I felt minimal discomfort and got relieved immediately. I highly recommend him for any plastic reconstructive procedure.


Dr. Hasan is definitely an expert and hands down the best surgeon in Dubai. Im so impressed with results of my fillers and abdomen liposuction, he’s so kind and knowledgeable and he took his time and answered all my amateur questions. Thank you, Dr. Hasan, you are my star!!


Dr. Hasan Ali is an excellent doctor. Caring, professional and understands our issues.
Highly recommended!!


I visited Doctor Hasan clinic and I felt confident after I sat with him and see how his clinic is well equipped and the special treatment I got and how much hospitality I found from the doctor and all the stuff. I am super happy with the results. Thank you, Doctor Hasan.


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