Rhinoplasty – Breaking The Myths Of Nose Job

Rhinoplasty in Dubai

How often do you hear about people getting a ‘nose job’? Usually, we hear our favourite movie stars getting a new nose, which supposedly improves the shape of their nose and their overall facial appearance. So is nose job or ‘rhinoplasty’ just a cosmetic procedure?


Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is not always for cosmetic purposes. Plastic surgeons also aid individuals with a deviated septum to breath easy or people suffering from nose fractures as a result of trauma.


So what are the things to keep in mind before getting a nose job? Let us take a quick look-


Being Realistic


If you are planning for a nose job to improve your appearance, then it’s important to have realistic expectations about your new job. Your surgeon’s ability to change your nose’s appearance is limited to the anatomy of your nose and the existing rhinoplasty techniques.


Know the techniques


Surgeons perform two kinds of rhinoplasty. They are the open and closed rhinoplasty. In the open rhinoplasty, an incision is placed on the outside to fully reveal the structure of your nose. This procedure is usually performed in case the individual needs a nasal reconstruction following an injury. The closed rhinoplasty is performed by making a cut inside the nostrils which requires refined surgical skills. They are also associated with lesser surgical complications and takes lesser time for recovery.


Recovery time


Rhinoplasty recovery can take from a couple of weeks to months depending on the procedure chosen for the surgery. During the recovery time, your nose might have a swelling which can also last from weeks to many months. Sometimes patients might also lose nasal sensitivity for a long time. The results of your rhinoplasty might not be visible for the first few months due to the swelling.


Possible complications

Although complications are very rare, as in the case of any surgery, an infection, anaesthetic side effects or unpredictable outcomes may occur. Excessive swelling, nose bleeding, pain or fever can be signs of a complication. In case your initial rhinoplasty is unsuccessful, you may have to go for a second one to correct the issue. Nasal obstruction is another complication following a nose job.


Medical and cosmetic advantages


The rhinoplasty procedure can be used for a number of issues. The procedure can restore the skin surface on the nose and re-establish nasal contours. Following a procedure for a deviated septum or nasal polyp removal, airflow through the nasal cavity is restored. Congenital deformities and abnormalities due to cleft lip can also be treated via rhinoplasty.


Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical procedure requiring consultation and discussions depending on your need for getting the procedure done. So it is important to consult a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon in Dubai for a good outcome.


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