Rejuvenate Your Face with PRP And Hyaluronic Acid

Facial rejuvenation is a popular procedure among women, which reduces the presence of wrinkles, improve the skin tone and provides a fresher smoother skin with a radiant glow. The facial rejuvenation procedure is normally performed by plastic surgeons in Dubai using PRP and hyaluronic acid.

This blog throws some insight into how PRP and hyaluronic acid can help in the rejuvenation process –

Platelet- Rich- Plasma (PRP)

The Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP has been in use for more than two decades for many medical as well as cosmetic purposes. The PRP, which is extracted from the patient’s blood is rich in many growth factors, which will activate the production of collagen, which helps in rejuvenation of the skin. Plastic surgeons administer the PRP to various parts of your body, which activates the growth factors in the region, which in turn sets off a chain reaction, resulting in the increased production of collagen.


Various studies show that the effects of PRP treatments require at least 2 to 3 months to be visible and patients will need at least 2 to 4 sessions for better results. It is a popular belief that PRP will help in slowing down the ageing process, making you look young and leave you glowing for long.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

The hyaluronic acid or HA is a component found in the skin which provides your skin it’s hydrated and supple look. HA is also a commonly used dermal filler in most facial plastic surgery procedures, which is considered safe and reliable for a number for techniques including lip plumping and mesotherapy.


Combining PRP and HA


Recently, various studies showed that a plastic surgery procedure using a combination of PRP and HA brings desirable results in facial rejuvenation that last longer. It was found that HA works at a cellular level when combined with PRP, which showed better and more prominent results in cellular regeneration. Although the combination procedure was initially used to treat muscular injuries, it was later tested and found to be a very safe and reliable procedure for facial rejuvenation.

A patient is subjected to around 4-8 different sessions which showed significant improvements in their general appearance. In 3 to 4 weeks after the first session, there is a visible improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. The PRP – HA combination also improves the skin tone of the patients. Optimal results from person to person, with some people showing a result in 3-4 sessions while others need all 6-8 sessions.


At Hasan surgery, you can choose to have a highly effective facial rejuvenation and plastic surgery procedures under the expert care of our plastic surgeons in Dubai. The Platelet Rich Plasma and Hyaluronic acid combination can give you a look with a fresh, wrinkle-free and fairer skin.


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