Preventing Infection Risks in Cosmetic Surgery

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Preventing Infection Risks in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is the new trend in the market nowadays.  It is gaining popularity very fast, especially in this region, where a lot of Plastic Surgery centers can be seen in every nook of the town.  Its popularity is no doubt because of the benefits that a person can gain after undergoing the surgery or treatment, it offers a safer approach to correct any deformities that a person has, and with a recovery period of between 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the type of procedure a person undertakes.

Hasan Surgery Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Center is an Internationally-accredited center that focuses on providing a quality service to its clientele in every stage of their surgical journey.  This means that the Hasan Surgery team is committed to providing the best and exceptional quality care that their patients deserve in order for them to achieve the optimum results and prevent any surgical complications.  With that being said, Hasan Surgery patients will receive a good pre-op and post-op care to prevent complications.

One common concern for all patients undergoing a surgery is the risks of getting an infection.  Provision of proper care to post-operative patients can prevent infection and can lead to superb long-term results.  

Let us discuss the concept of Infection Risks in detail and provide you with some tips in preventing infection after your surgery.

The risk of infection during an actual procedure is extremely low.  This is because, with the advancement of science, proper sterilization of surgical instruments and the knowledge of every member of the surgical team in terms of surgical techniques and strict compliance of surgical asepsis makes infection rate margin at a very low percentage.

Infection, however, can occur during your recovery process or after your surgical procedure.  But even so, the rate is also quite low, as long as patients are careful and follow the post-operative instructions provided to them by their surgeons and nurses.  These detailed instructions during your pre-operative care and post-operative care will aid in a faster recovery and help make wound healing a worry-free process.

Below are some of the conditions that can heighten the risk of developing an infection after surgery.  Hasan Surgery medical staff, especially your surgeon will discuss to you in details the consequences of each of these factors during your consultation visit.

  • Smoking habits
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Steroid use
  • Existing medical condition: Diabetes
  • Compromised Immune System response
  • Obesity and morbid obesity

Here are some few important tips that patient must understand and observe in order to prevent the risk of acquiring post-operative infection:

  • Get ample TIME for REST: To allow one’s body to devote all its energy to the recovery process, one must avoid strenuous physical activities and do not push oneself too hard.  Depending on the type of surgery that the patient wants, appropriate time-off from work will be advised and given to enhance proper recuperation and prevent complications from happening.
  • Avoid SMOKING: Smoking or exposure to tobacco products after the surgery can lead to the slower healing process and increases the risk of acquiring wound infection.  Before surgery and in the weeks after surgery, the patient must make sure to avoid cigarettes, cigars, shisha or gum tobacco. One must also avoid “SMOKING AREAS” in public establishments like restaurants and music bar as secondary smoking is much more dangerous and can pose a greater risk in compromising the complete healing of the surgical wound.  This advice may be a convenient excuse for some to kick off the habit of smoking for good.
  • Avoid Alcoholic beverages:  Alcohol substance is also a product that can lead to issues with poor recovery time and increases the risk of infection.  So be sure to abstain from this type of beverage at least a week before surgery and about 2-3 weeks after the surgery to ensure a problem-free post-operative experience.
  • WALKING Exercise: A little bit of walking exercise after surgery is very beneficial in promoting proper circulation, prevention of blood clots from forming in the legs and helps the patient to stay active despite the discomfort felt after the surgery.  Having a good circulation can lead to a faster recovery and prevents other complications from occurring.
  • Keep Surgical Dressings Clean and Intact:  Being clean and sanitary after surgery is the best way to avoid any forms of infection.  Wash your hands regularly. You will be given an instruction when to resume bathing after the surgery as well as how to keep the surgical dressings and garments clean and dry.  Unless totally necessary, you can change your water-proof dressings as instructed but always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before doing so.
  • Avoid Pools and Saunas: These public areas can be a potential source of infection especially for those who have just had their surgery.  Your healthcare team will ensure first that your surgical wound is fully healed prior to giving you clearance, so avoid these areas until instructed by your surgeon.  
  • Be Active during your Scheduled Followup Visits:  Proper monitoring of your recovery by your surgeon is very important, hence you are advised to attend all these follow-up visits as scheduled.  Here in Hasan Surgery, your surgical package is inclusive of four follow-up visits within the next 6 months following your surgery. Be sure not to miss any of these visits and do not hesitate to contact the clinic for any urgent issues that may arise during the course of your recovery.


By keeping all these recommendations in mind, patients will greatly reduce their chances of developing a post-operative infection.  Rest assured that during your consultation process at Hasan Surgery, we will cover the pre-op and post-op process carefully for a worry-free recovery process.

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