Live A Fat-Free Life With Tummy Tuck

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Live A Fat-Free Life With Tummy Tuck

If you have belly pooch caused by pregnancy, significant weight loss, or genetics, then removal of excess skin can benefit you both physically and mentally. If you’ve been thinking about how to lose the stubborn belly fat, then getting a tummy tuck in Dubai will allow you to get back into your desired shape.

Abdominoplasty, also known as “tummy tuck” corrects a protruding abdomen due to weak abdominal muscles, significant weight gain or pregnancy which also causes the skin to lose its elasticity. If diet or exercise doesn’t work for you, you might experience stretching on the skin and on the underlying muscles.

Depending on the amount of skin and fat that will be removed, your plastic surgeon in Dubai will proceed with the type of tummy tuck that is most suitable for your needs. Here are the different types of tummy tuck procedure:


The abdominal muscles can lose their natural compressed shape due to pregnancy or significant weight changes that also result in the muscles becoming loose or separated. A standard abdominoplasty repairs the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and tissue from the abdomen. After the abdominal skin is tightened across the repaired area, then the belly button will also be repositioned. For optimal results, a liposuction procedure can also be performed for you to achieve your desired shape.


A mini tummy tuck treats the loose skin that hangs in the lower stomach area. The patients can improve their body shape and get rid of the bulge in the lower abdomen with the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue from the area. The abdominal muscles are spared and not treated.


The extended tummy tuck is the best option for patients who have undergone significant weight loss and wish to see dramatic improvements in their body. In an extended abdominoplasty, the removal of excess skin and tissue is not only done on the abdomen, but also on the other areas of the body such as the hips, thighs, and back. Additionally, muscles in the back, flanks, and abdomen can be toned.

Tummy Tuck is the best option for you especially if you have been through multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss that has caused your belly to protrude and sag. Whatever the reason you may have for wanting to lose the protruding belly, then abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is perfect for you. The procedure can effectively improve the appearance of the abdomen and make it look flatter.

We at Hasan Surgery can help you achieve your desired figure through a safe and proven approach, brought to you by our certified facility in Dubai. We have built an international team of experienced doctors, specialists, and surgeons, with specialisations in various areas, including reconstructive, aesthetic, and plastic surgery, to give patients in Dubai and the UAE access to world-class treatments.

Our cosmetic clinic is situated in Dubai Healthcare City, where we serve our patients with the finest comfort and care. Featuring a state-of-the-art operating theatre, cosy private recovery rooms, and a highly-trained and qualified medical staff, patients can rest assured they are in very capable hands with us.

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