Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai*

Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai

Male breast reduction or Gynecomastia is one of the most popular and effective surgical procedures for men suffering from enlarges chest tissues/ Gynecomastia. The Gynecomastia surgery includes the removal of fats and glandular tissues through liposuction and tissue excision to restore the flat chest and masculine shape.

Various reasons including genetics, specific medication, excess weight, and hormone imbalance can lead to the development of excess chest tissues in males. Led by one of the most experienced and highly accomplished plastic Surgeon Dr. Hasan, we bring you the best Gynecomastia reduction surgery experience that’s specifically customized to suit your needs.

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Surgery Types

Liposuction with Gland Resection

This technique is pretty similar to the liposuction surgery, where small incisions are made on each side of the chest. Our experienced Surgeons used the latest equipment for Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai to squeeze out excess fats and glandular tissue beneath the skin form these small incisions to sculpt a new and flat chest contour that’s aesthetically pleasing and give you a reinforced masculine chest.

Tissue Excision

In more severe cases, Gynecomastia reduction surgery is carried out through excise incision. This involved the surgical removal of glandular tissues. Tissue Excision is more suited to patients with excess stretched skin around the chest. At Hasan Surgery, our experienced Plastic surgeons ensure safe and complete removal of glandular tissues to sculpt a lasting flat chest for patients.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai:

At Hasan Surgery, all Gynecomastia reduction surgeries are carried out in Dubai. We maintain a state-of-the-art medical facility in Dubai Healthcare City, equipped with latest technology and best tools, making us one of the best and highly resources plastic surgery clinics in Dubai. Dr. Hasan personally supervises all Gynecomastia surgical procedures to ensure maximum safety and optimum results for patients.

Do I Need a Reduction?

If you are always self-conscious and uncomfortable about the shape of your chest and avoid wearing specific clothing or taking part in certain activities like swimming or avoid taking off your shirt in-crowd, Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai is the only lasting and effective procedure that gives you a permanent solution to you enlarged chests.

While excessive weight is one of the main reasons for enlarged male chests, various lean patients also suffer from enlarged breast due to abnormal growth of tissues.

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How long do the results of the surgery last?

The results of Gynecomastia reduction surgery are meant to be permanent, provided it is carried out by an experienced and qualified surgeon. At Hasan Surgery, our skilled Gynecomastia surgery, Dubai Surgeons ensures optimal lasting results for our patients.

Please bear in mind that an unhealthy lifestyle or significant weight gain can lead to Gynecomastia reappearance.

Why Hasan Surgery?

We are a premium plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic in Dubai. Located at the heart of Dubai Medical City, we are one of the most reputed plastic surgery clinics with international presence. All our plastic surgeons, nurses and staff are fully-qualified and certified with decades of experience in diversified medical fields. Dr. Hasan, our lead surgeon is an internationally accredited Plastic Surgeon specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries. He is founder and Medical Director of Hasan Surgery Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery center located in Dubai Health Care City Dubai UAE.

More About Gynecomastia Treatment
Gynecomastia is a condition seen in some men, where their breast area is quite prominent due to the enlargement of the glandular and fatty tissue. The condition may be a visible right from infancy or sometimes when the boys hit their puberty. Gynecomastia occurs due to hormonal imbalance in the body due to the production of excess levels of estrogens in comparison to androgens.


Treating Gynecomastia in Dubai


At Hasan Surgery, we offer an effective and permanent solution for gynecomastia /enlarged male breasts. This plastic surgery procedure involves the removal of excess fat and glandular tissues from the breast area to provide a firmer, flatter and masculine contour to the chest area.


Men with gynecomastia are usually uncomfortable or self-conscious about their chest making them stay away from certain activities which need them to go shirtless. A qualified plastic surgeon can perform a male breast reduction treatment with minimal scarring on such individuals which will bring an almost permanent solution to their issue.


Although exercises and weight loss can reduce the appearance of male breast or gynecomastia in men, in most cases the excess glandular tissue is too prominent, causing even the slim patients to have noticeable breast area.  With the current technologies available to treat gynecomastia, male breast reduction is the long-lasting and aesthetically prefered procedure by most men suffering from the condition.


Our expert plastic surgeons in Dubai will effectively treat gynecomastia by performing a minimally invasive liposuction procedure in combination with removal of glandular tissue to reduce the prominent breast area in men.


The procedure


The gynecomastia condition in men can be treated using a liposuction procedure as mentioned before. This typically involves a small incision on both sides of the chest, along the edge of the areola or within the armpit according to the plastic surgeon’s convenience. Through these incisions, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess fat and glandular tissue to help sculpt a new chest that looks natural and matches with your body’s contours.


During the procedure, an infiltration solution with anaesthetic is injected into both breasts. With the continuous moments of the cannula in long deep strokes, the fat tissues are broken down. The broken tissues and glands are suctioned out of the body through the incisions before stitching them together for healing. The process ensures that the breast area becomes flat, sculpted and less prominent.


Recovering from gynecomastia treatment

The recovery procedure is quite tolerable compared to liposuction procedure on other body areas. Post surgery, the gynecomastia patients are given a compression garment to wear to reduce the swelling and assist the tissue healing. Although vigorous workouts are off limits for a minimum of 3 weeks, most men can return to their normal routines including work in a few days after the surgery.


Post liposuction, there will be a visible improvement in the shape and appearance of the patient’s chest area. Although the procedure causes minimal pain during the healing time, it is normal to feel sore around the breast area for a few days. A temporary loss of sensation around the treated area is quite normal. Any loss of sensation will gradually return in the months following the liposuction.


Maintaining the results

The gynecomastia results are mostly permanent once the excess fat and glandular tissue are removed. However, in some cases, it can return upon the use of steroids, weight gain or other medical conditions. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good exercise routine to maintain the results. Drugs that affect your testosterone levels can also lead to recurring gynaecomastia. In such cases, contact your plastic surgeon in Dubai to learn the best way to maintain your results better.


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