Facial Implants*

Facial Implants dubai

Face implants are specially formed solid, biocompatible materials designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of your face. The precise type and size of implants best suited for you requires an evaluation of your goals, the features you wish to correct and your plastic surgeon’s judgment.  While any area of your face can be augmented with implants, the cheekbones, chin and jaw are the most common sites for facial implants.  

Face implants Dubai can bring balance and better proportion to the structural appearance of the face and they can help define the face by increasing projection and creating more distinct features.  Facial implant surgery is best performed on people whose head and skull have reached physical maturity, which generally occurs in late adolescence.  

It’s important to remember that the human face is normally asymmetric to some degree and your results may not be completely symmetric.  Facial implants Dubai surgery may be performed alone, or as a complement to other facial contouring procedures such as nose or ear surgery.

*Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients. In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, each surgery and every recovery and healing period. For more information click to read our full Disclaimer

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