Body Lift and Body contouring Procedures*

Body lifts or contouring is the procedure to tone, shape and reshape the body by addressing the loose, unsupported and sagging tissues that includes supporting fat, skin and underlying tissues. Contouring procedures are often target to correct or improve the appearance of hanging, unsupported tissues most commonly affected areas of the body. Some common examples are of upper arms including the armpit area, lower abdomen or upper abdomen with extreme hanging skin, flattened breasts or downward ptosis of breasts nipples, flattened buttocks with sagging skin. Body lifts or contouring restore a near normal appearance of the body in patients who lost significant weight and skin elasticity.

Did you know some important points that you must remember?

Body lifts or contouring surgery can achieve a slim, desirable appearance but additional weight loss after this sort of surgery may require an additional procedure so ideal patient for this kind of surgery is patient with stable weight. Once a final weight has reached and stabilized this procedure can be performed. Patient should inform and of subsequent weight gain as it may cause additional skin stretch marks and scarring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know that I am the right candidate for a body contouring procedure?

A good candidate is one with loose hanging skin, healthy lifestyle and has achieved final stable weight. It’s generally advised not to smoke or drink and consult your doctor to ensure that final outcome is explained in detail and that patient has realistic expectations from the surgery.

What can I expect from a body contouring surgery?

When large body areas have laxity and loose skin these procedures are usually divided into multiple procedures. There is medical evaluation of the patient including, Lab and radiological investigations prior to plan a surgical procedure. These procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia when limited areas are targeted it can be performed under intravenous sedation.

Are there any special instructions post surgeries that I need to follow?

Body lifts Dubai results are very obvious immediately after the surgery but final results can take up to one year. There are bandages and in some cases drain underlying tissue to help fluid to come out of the body. There are special instructions given to the patient for home care, which include, eating, sleeping, medications, mobility and rest. Strong physical activity is instructed to avoid first few weeks after the surgery. Regular follow up with your Plastic surgeon Dubai is essential so that any unanticipated signs can be avoided and treat appropriately. A successful result depends on committed healthy lifestyle that includes balance diet and regular exercise plan.

*Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients. In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, each surgery and every recovery and healing period. For more information click to read our full Disclaimer


What is body contouring in Dubai?

Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure which essentially removes fat cells from a specific area in your body. Your plastic surgeon in Dubai will help design the perfect procedure to remove the stubborn fat from certain areas of your body.

How long does body contouring procedure take?

The body contouring procedure depends from person to person and their needs, Your plastic surgeon in Dubai will tailor the best course of treatment, which means every procedure involved will take different time. The recovery time for body contouring in Dubai also varies from patient to patient.

Which are the areas that can be treated by body contouring in Dubai?

The body contouring procedure is an FDA- approved technique performed by a plastic surgeon in Dubai for specific areas. The procedure will remove fat from abdomen sides, thighs, back, chest as well as double chin.

Should I keep getting body contouring to maintain the results?

Body contouring in Dubai can remove some of the most stubborn fat in your body the first time, To maintain the results, plastic surgeons in Dubai suggest keeping a healthy diet and good exercise routine to enjoy the results.

Does body contouring help in tightening the skin?

Body contouring uses liposuction as well as skin tightening procedures. This procedure is very effective for sculpting your body to the desired shape. Your plastic surgeon can help you in designing the perfect body contouring treatment plan to cut out the puppy fat in your body.

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