Blepharoplasty Dubai


Blepharoplasty Dubai



Do you have sagging skin on your upper eyelids? Or eyebags, puffyiness, droopy, fine-lined, or wrinkled skin on the lower eyelids? If you are keen to get rid of such concerns and have an instantly refreshed and more youthful appearance, you might consider getting a Blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty, also referred to as cosmetic eyelid surgery, eye lift, or eyelid tuck, is a surgery that removes excess skin, muscle and fat and tightens the skin around the eyes – from the upper or lower eyelids, or both.

At our state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, our experienced plastic surgeons use ultra-modern equipment and techniques to provide you with an instant, rejuvenated look that leaves you looking years or decades younger.


Procedure Type



Local Anesthesia/ IV Sedation


1-2 Hours

Recovery Period

7 Days


  • Dr. Hasan Ali is among the most experienced plastic surgeons in Dubai, if not, the best plastic surgeon in Dubai. He has an unparalleled body of work for facial contouring surgeries, including Blepharoplasty. The results obtained by his clients and their satisfaction levels are second to none.
  • A Blepharoplasty is a facial contouring surgery. Great, natural-looking, and long-lasting results from such surgeries requires a plastic surgeon who has an acute grasp of facial anatomy, and also prioritizes your safety. A skilled blepharoplasty surgeon is a facial contouring expert with extensive experience to perform the eyelid surgery successfully without any negative impact. And in that respect, Dr. Hasan Ali is highly accomplished.
  • Dr. Hasan is known for his exceptional skills as a plastic surgeon. He is that rare kind of plastic surgeon who is widely respected and trusted by his patients and fellow doctors alike. He has performed 5,000+ surgeries with outstanding results.
  • Dr. Hasan’s clinic – Hasan Surgery – is located in Dubai, UAE in the prestigious Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). True to Dr. Hasan’s desire for excellence, Hasan Surgery is a highly modern, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai. It is set up as an Ambulatory daycare surgical facility.
  • Hasan Surgery is the 1st AAAASF accredited plastic surgery clinic in Dubai & UAE, which is the global gold standard for outpatient surgical facility accreditation. The accreditation acknowledges the high standards and latest technology used by the clinic, and its focus on patient safety.
  • Hasan Surgery is a rare plastic surgery clinic that has been awarded an appreciation letter after scoring 100% on a safety survey by DHCR – an exemplary achievement and commitment to quality and patient safety.
  • Because of his high standing as a top plastic surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Hasan Ali is also a renowned trainer of plastic surgeons, surveyor, and examiner.


As per Dubai/ UAE regulations, we are not permitted to show images without written patient consent. The below before/after images are only those for which we have patient consent. For this procedure, we have a vast collection of before/after images, but those have not been consented to by our patients for public display. We would be delighted to show you our results during your initial consultation. We encourage you to ask our surgeons for the same during the consultation.

blepharoplasty dubai
upper lower blepharoplasty dubai before after
upper lower blepharoplasty in dubai
upper lower eyelid surgery dubai


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*Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients. In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, surgery, recovery, and healing period. For more information, please read our Full Disclaimer.


Well experienced and supportive team. Thanks alot Dr. Hasan and your entire team for professional support from the beginning. Good luck !

Mahmuda Narghees (2020)

I did with doctor Hasan Ali few procedures and it was done perfectly. I’m so happy with the results . Wish you and your all nice team best of luck and lots of appreciation from your patients !😍

Nataliya Savitska (Prior to 2020)

The customer service was great, the place was nicely maintained and staff was very clear when explaining the procedure and making me feel comfortable throughout the surgery. The procedure was a delicate one and was handled with care. Minimal scarring with excellent cosmetic outcome. Thank you

Hafsa 1shine (Prior to 2020)