7 Important Things You Should Learn About Brachioplasty

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7 Important Things You Should Learn About Brachioplasty

It is usual for people who have suddenly lost a lot of weight to have a saggy underarm. When most of the fat is gone, the skin under the arm will lose its elasticity and sag, as the shape of the arm remains the same before the fat loss. The technique through which the excess skin and fat under the arms are surgically removed is called Brachioplasty or arm lift.


The skin under your arms can sag simply because of ageing too. Although you can tone your muscles through exercise, the excess skin from various body parts can only be removed surgically. Doing a Brachioplasty will help remove this loose skin and keep your body toned.


So here are 7 facts about Brachioplasty that you must know before going in for the procedure-


How does Brachioplasty or Arm-Lift works?

Loose skin under the arms is a common result of losing weight in that area. Prior to the Brachioplasty in Dubai, your surgeon will mark the length of your arm, from where the skin has to be removed.

During the surgery, the incisions are placed on the inside of the arm. The plastic surgeon will tighten the tissues inside with the help of internal sutures. The excess skin is used to drape over the arm, giving it the new shape. Unwanted skin is also surgically removed before the wounds are closed up with the stitches.


Will there be anaesthesia involved?

Like in the case of any other surgery, Brachioplasty will also require putting the patient under IV sedation or general anaesthesia during the procedure. Before putting you under the anaesthesia, your present health will be evaluated. Further, your plastic surgeon will also look into your medical history to ascertain that you will not go into any complications on administering anaesthesia.


Does the Brachioplasty procedure involve liposuction?

Your Brachioplasty in Dubai may or may not involve liposuction. Depending upon the amount of excess skin and fat needed to be removed to give a toned arm, liposuction might be suggested as part of the procedure. The liposuction procedure is a minimal-invasive method of sucking out fat deposits through a specialized cannula attached to the suction pump. This will ensure that no unwanted fat pockets are present in the arm which may hinder the healing process.


Will there be a lot of scarring post Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure where incisions are made to remove the excess skin and stitched together to make sure the incision is closed and can heal properly. The procedure will inevitably leave scars. However, these scars are left on the bottom side of the arm. It is a practical position used to make the scars less obvious. However, the persistence of these scars depends totally on your skin. Individuals with sensitive skin will have stubborn scars and redness which will take more time to heal.


Are there any risks involved in a Brachioplasty surgery?

Brachioplasty is a safe procedure without a lot of complications. However, like every other surgery, it carries some risk with it. If you are an individual who is on medication for any heart issues which involves blood thinning medications, convey that information to your plastic surgeon before undergoing the surgery. The risks of bleeding, infection and seroma like in the case of any other wound is present even in the case of Brachioplasty.


Are there any rules to prepare for a Brachioplasty?

Preparing for Brachioplasty is similar to preparing for any other surgery. Here are some of the points to remember-

  • Establish an open conversation with your plastic surgeon. Let him know of your expectations from the surgery
  • Share your medical history till date with your surgeon
  • Be open about your lifestyle, habits and day to day routines
  • Be open about any medications, smoking and drinking habits to eliminate chances of complications


How is the recovery process after a Brachioplasty in Dubai?

After the surgery, you will be asked to wear a compression garment to prevent swelling and seromas. Seroma, for instance, is a condition where pockets of liquid build up in the incisions. This sometimes leaks out through the incision. Your plastic surgeon might drain this through a syringe or place a drainage tube to drain out this unwanted fluid and prevent its buildup.


You will be allowed to return back to your normal routines in 2 weeks after the Brachioplasty surgery. During your recovery time, make sure not to lift your arms above your shoulders and lift anything heavy. Rest is quite essential for a complete recovery after a Brachioplasty in Dubai.


Consult your plastic surgeon in Dubai for more information.

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