Types of Brachioplasty

Types of Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift surgery is becoming one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures. One of the key reasons behind this is the increase in extreme weight loss surgeries (and even significant non-surgical weight loss too), which leads to excessive loose and hanging skin.

And because Brachioplasty is a surgery with very high satisfaction rates, more people are opting for the arm lift surgery to tone and reshape their upper arms.

Brachioplasty is classified into 4 types:

  1. Type I Brachioplasty – This involves minimal excess skin and is a minimal incision Brachioplasty, intended for cases where minor correction is needed. The incision for Type I Brachioplasty is typically a small one at the base of the armpit.
  2. Type II Brachioplasty – This refers to cases where a regular amount of excess skin is to be removed and is also called Standard Brachioplasty. The incision for Type II Brachioplasty typically extends from the armpit to the elbow on the underside of the arm.
  3. Type III Brachioplasty – This type of Brachioplasty is done for more severe cases of excess skin and fat removal, with or without lateral chest wall involvement. This is referred to as Extensive Brachioplasty and typically involves Arm Liposuction to remove the excess fat. The incision for Type III Brachioplasty usually extends from the side of the mid-breast to the elbow along the underside of the arm.
  4. Type IV Brachioplasty – This refers to the most extreme cases of correction, where besides excess skin and fat removal from the arms, the excess chest wall and significant upper body sagging are also addressed. It could therefore be a combination of multiple procedures, including Brachioplasty, Arm Liposuction, Thoracoplasty (correction of the excess lateral chest wall), and Upper Body Lift (to correct upper back/ body sagging). The incision for Type IV Brachioplasty is two-fold: one that extends from the side of the breast fold to the elbow along the underside of the arm, and the second that goes from the side of the breast fold around to the back to correct the upper body issues.

Depending on the type of Brachioplasty being performed and the extent of correction needed, as also the patient and Brachioplasty surgeon preferences, Brachioplasty may be performed under general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia (local anesthesia with IV sedation).

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