Stomach Liposuction Before and after: 11 Thing you’re Forgetting to Do

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Stomach Liposuction Before and after: 11 Thing you’re Forgetting to Do

Liposuction is one of the most well-known and result oriented surgical processes that is performed by millions of patients worldwide. The outstanding outcomes of liposuction make it a preferred surgery for patients dealing with unwanted fat content. While liposuction can be carried out on almost all major body regions, for most people, stomach liposuction is the most identifiable and relatable surgery, as most of the time it’s the area around our stomach where the majority of the fat is stored. Now, liposuction can certainly help in removal of unwanted body fat, in essence, it’s more of a body contouring surgery as compared to weight loss surgery.

So, before you decide to go under the knife for stomach liposuction, it’s important to know stomach liposuction before and after considerations. Below we will be looking at some important stomach liposuction before and after considerations that will help you choose the right surgeon for the process, have realistic goals for the surgery and get outstanding stomach surgery results.

But before we discuss our stomach liposuction before and after considerations, let’s first briefly see what’s involved in the process.

Liposuction – the procedure

In the simplest description, Liposuction is a fat removal and body contouring surgical (invasive procedure). To start, your surgeon will hold a session with you to discuss your goals including discussing the areas you want to treat and your expectations. The operation includes liquefying/break down of body fat using a medical liquid and squeezing out the fat content by making small incisions through the suction pump, thus removing all unwanted stubborn belly fat and giving you a flat well-contoured stomach.

Now that we have a brief overview of the procedure, let’s just directly jump onto our stomach liposuction before and after considerations that most people seem to forget.

Pre-Surgery: (getting prepared for the stomach liposuction)

  1.     Research about the process and see is stomach liposuction is a good fit for you

As we discussed above, liposuction is not technically a weight-loss surgery (although it definitely gives outstanding outcomes in terms of fat loss), thereby, before you commit to the surgery, it is better to research in detail about the process and see if you will get your expected outcomes by going under the knife. In fact, if you would research you would see that liposuction is not recommended for obese or highly obese people and that you may have to lose some of the weight by dieting, exercise or by other means before you can take on the surgery.

Apart from researching the outcomes and suitability of the procedure, you should also research about the mental and physical health required for the surgery. You may have to commit to a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and refraining from excessive smoking or alcohol consumption.

  1.     Prepare your mind about the stomach liposuction

Another important stomach liposuction before and after consideration include preparing yourself mentally for the surgery. Remember, going under the knife isn’t an easy decision for most of the time and if you can achieve the results by other means like switching to a healthy lifestyle, then it may not be the best decision to go under the knife. Thereby, before committing to the surgery, assess your other options and only commit when you are sure that it’s the best option for you.

  1.     Discuss your expectations with an experienced and specialist stomach liposuction surgeon

Moving on, another stomach liposuction before and after consideration which most people neglect is discussing the expectations with a qualified, certified and experienced surgeons. Remember, irrespective of the surgical process you are committing to, you need to choose the best and most qualified surgeon not just to get the best outcomes but also to ensure your health and safety.

An experienced surgeon will assess your overall health condition including your physical and mental health, allergies and other relevant histories important for your safety. It’s highly recommended to be open to your surgeon and don’t shy away informing him for any medical conditions that may be of his interest for the surgery because only after detailed assessment the surgeon will be able to decide if you are eligible for the operation or not.

  1.     Refrain from certain medications

Another important stomach liposuction before and after consideration include discussing the pre and postoperative medication with your surgeon. You may be asked by the surgeon to stop using certain medication for some time including but not limited to: Aspirin, Ginkgo extract, Plavix, Fish oil etc.

Apart from these medications, you may also be advised to:

  • Quit smoking for some time before and after the procedure
  • Quit alcohol consumption
  • Iron supplements may be recommended to anemic patients
  • Women on contraceptives may be required to stop using them for a few weeks


  1.     Preparing your bodies pre-surgery

It’s important stomach liposuction before and after consideration to keep your body relax as much as possible. Take a good bath to feel good. Also, it is always great to have a family member or friend with you before, during and after the surgery.

  1.     Don’t take any unnecessary items with you

When leaving home for the hospital, make sure you remove all unnecessary items like cosmetics and jewelry items at home. Also, make sure you aren’t wearing a contact lens or earrings. This is not only because these items can interfere during operation but also because you may lose them at the hospital. Wear the most comfortable clothing you have, especially clothes that can be easily put on or taken off. Remember, despite being under anesthetic, you may still feel a little uncomfortable during operation, so make sure you don’t add any more discomfort with your apparel.

  1.     Discuss your condition openly with doctors

As discussed above, discussing your condition including any medical history or allergy with your doctor is one of the most important stomach liposuction before and after considerations. Make sure you clearly inform your surgeon with any such condition.

  1.     Things you need to avoid before stomach liposuction

You may be advised to not take any food or drink before the procedure. It is important to listen to all the recommendations made by the doctor or medical staff and follow them. Whether the operation includes general anesthetic or local anesthetic, make sure you understand the medical requirements and follow them completely.

  1.     You may need to undergo various tests

You may need to undergo various tests depending upon the doctor’s recommendation. All these tests are important for your doctor to correctly assume your medical condition and plan accordingly. Thereby, it is important stomach liposuction before and after consideration to never miss out on any recommended test from the surgeon.

  1. You need to be at least 18 to undergo stomach liposuction

Stomach liposuction is only recommended for 18+ people. Moreover, older patients 45+ years may also require to undergo extra post-operation tests to assess the suitability of physical and mental conditions as well as to judge excellent skin retraction post-operation (older patients skin needs extra post-surgery care as well)

  1. Stomach liposuction is a major surgical process

Lastly, the most important stomach liposuction before and after consideration is to remember that while minimally invasive, it’s a major surgery and thereby you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for the procedure.

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