Reconstructive plastic surgery to heal your wound

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Reconstructive plastic surgery to heal your wound

Certain diseases, as well as injuries, leave severe wounds, such as a burn that causes your skin to lose sensation, limit our mobility or become cosmetically unappealing. For individuals suffering from such wounds, plastic surgery may be a feasible and successful option. Plastic and cosmetic clinics in Dubai are famous for such treatments, with expert plastic surgeons at your service.

Prior to plastic surgery to cover the burns and wounds, you will be subjected to a procedure called the debriding, which is essentially the removal of dead tissue from your wound area. Once this is completed, there are several plastic surgery options available, from which your surgeon will recommend the best solution for your issue.

These procedures are discussed below-

Skin Grafts


Skin grafts are commonly used for burn patients. A part of their skin is removed from one part of their body and is transplanted to another, to cover up the wound. There are two types of skin grafts-

  • Split-thickness grafts: Here a few layers of the outer skin is transplanted to the new area
  • Full-thickness grafts: Removing all of the dermis from one part to cover a wound at another area

Plastic surgeons use an instrument called the dermatome, which is used to remove the skin from a donor site. A donor site is a place, which is usually hidden by cloths like the buttocks or inner thigh.  The skin taken from this site is held in place over the wound using stitches and dressing. The donor area is also covered to prevent infections. Patients recover fast from split thickness skin grafts while full-thickness skin graft takes more than three weeks to heal.




Plastic and cosmetic clinics in Dubai have expert surgeons who use a microscope for surgical assistance in a procedure called microsurgery. A microscopic view allows the surgeon to sew tiny blood vessels or nerves thereby helping in the reconstruction of an injured area. This is commonly used to reattach a severed finger or to relieve facial paralysis, or during breast reconstructive surgery.


Free Flap Procedure


Free flap surgical procedure required the muscle, skin or bone to be transferred along with the original blood supply from the donor site to the surgical site. This procedure is done following the surgical removal of cancerous cells from the head or neck area. Free flap surgery is microsurgery requiring precision.


Tissue expansion


This is one of the procedures done by plastic surgeons where the extra skin is expanded or stretch for reconstructive purposes. The surgeon inserts an instrument called the balloon expander under the skin needing repair. Slowly, this balloon is gradually filled with saline water, thereby causing the skin to stretch. A layer of new skin grows across this region, which is used for reconstruction.


This technique has many advantages as the skin colour and texture are an almost match to the area needing the skin. The chances for scarring are also quite less as there is no removal of skin from one area to another.


Talk to your surgeon to find out which treatment suits you the best. For more details, contact our plastic and cosmetic clinic in Dubai.


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