Liposuction Surgery In Dubai— Is it Worth To Try?

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Liposuction Surgery In Dubai— Is it Worth To Try?

Every woman dreams of getting a certain body shape that they think is ideal. It is completely frustrating for a woman to see beautiful clothes they think would look good in them, only to find the tummy bulging out or the arms looking too squeezed into the clothes.

If you want to look good in clothes and get the ideal body you are dreaming for, then have you ever considered doing a liposuction treatment.

Perhaps you have seen liposuction in the media exposure and have built certain judgments whether it is worth giving a try. You might also feel scared of how painful it would get or maybe you are intimidated with the idea of surgery itself. Read through this blog to know more about liposuction surgery and find out the options available.

Liposuction involves a surgical procedure that aims to remove unwanted fat accumulations from your body. The first step that your plastic surgeon would do is to liquefy the fat deposits by moving thin tubes inserted through small incisions done in your body. The procedure ends by removing the liquefied fat with the use of the cannula tube. Liposuction can take out fat accumulations from different areas of the body such as abdomen, sides, back, hips and neck.

After the procedure, the patient can perform most of the routine activities. To ease the pain and swelling, the treated area will be wrapped in bandages for a few days. While the swelling will be severe for the first week, it will gradually reduce, and the prescribed painkillers can ease the pain. Recovery depends on the size and sensitivity of the treated body area.

The main purpose of liposuction is the treatment of trouble areas. Specific fat accumulations are hard to get rid of as spot reduction is not possible with exercise and dieting. Women typically have these fat accumulations in their thighs and hips, which can be reduced with the help of liposuction.

Liposuction in Dubai is an effective and safe procedure if it is performed by board certified and experienced surgeon.

Is it worth it? It is. Liposuction is an efficient way to achieve your dream body and is generally safe. While it would take several months or even years for us to remove fat, with liposuction it can be removed in a matter of a few hours. It not only removes fat, but it also helps you in speeding your fat removal journey.

A well-known alternative to traditional liposuction procedure is VASER liposuction surgery. It is a gentler and safer procedure as it can differentiate fat from other important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. Recovery would also be much faster with this kind of procedure, and it would be less painful.

Our cosmetic clinic in Dubai specialises in VASER liposuction surgery to achieve one’s desired figure. With incredible effectiveness and accuracy, our team produces highly satisfactory results for your VASER liposuction surgery in Dubai.

Give liposuction a try and experience our quality care while performing body contouring cosmetic surgery procedures. Book an appointment to start your fat removal journey with us.


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