Liposuction – What You Must Know Before Going Under The Knife


Liposuction – What You Must Know Before Going Under The Knife

Do you often find yourself looking in the mirror and say “I wish I could just get rid of all this extra fat”? For some people, getting rid of the stubborn unwanted fat is almost an impossible task even with a strict diet and extreme workout sessions. This is mostly due to the body structure of the individual rather than their determination and daily routines. However, this might make you feel put out and lead to a loss of confidence in yourself.

Liposuction in Dubai is for those of you who are looking for a way to get a perfect body worth all your efforts. It is a cosmetic procedure in which the excess fat from your body is surgically removed. Although studies show that there is no direct link between liposuction and weight loss, the procedure helps in removing unwanted deposits from your body, making your body slimmer and shapely. Let us understand more about the procedure and how it helps you to get the body you deserve.

Liposuction – Are you a good candidate?

As you gain and lose weight, certain areas of your body tend to develop unwanted deposits of fat, which can be quite difficult to get rid of with exercise or diet. Liposuction offers permanent removal of the fatty cells deposited in these areas using a number of techniques like Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), Power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL), tumescent technique, VASER, and the super-wet technique. Although liposuction can be performed on patients of any age, better results are often seen in younger patients whose skin has not lost its elasticity.

Unwanted fat seen in the cheeks, jowls and neck, upper arms, chest and breast areas, back, waist and abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, inner knee, calves, and ankles are removable through this process. As a candidate for the procedure, you must always have realistic expectations for your body and go under the knife with confidence.

The hard facts

There are certain factors that affect the effectiveness of liposuction on your body. The procedure is not useful in removing cellulite, which is a condition in which the skin is uneven due to fat deposits. Even after the procedure, you need to continue with the exercise and proper nutrition to retain your body figure.

After the procedure, even if you gain weight, you will see that the fat is evenly distributed unlike before. However, individual factors like skin elasticity, body type will also affect the surgery. Liposuction can also lead to complications in people with diabetes, heart and lung diseases and in those individuals who have poor blood circulation. Have an open discussion with your surgeon about your expectations on the outcome and tell inform him about your medical history and conditions.

Any medication you take, your weight prior to the procedure and skin elasticity are all significant factors in deciding your candidature for the procedure. Depending on these factors, your surgeon will decide the type of liposuction suitable for your body.

Preparing for Liposuction

Prior to the procedure, your surgeon will ask you to quit smoking, if you are a smoker. Cigarette smoke can damage your skin cells and thereby slow down your healing process. Your surgeon will also help you determine what medicines you can and cannot have and the type of food you can have before turning in for the surgery.

Have you set your mind yet?  The liposuction surgery is done under safe and comfortable conditions by expert plastic surgeons in Dubai. Feel the difference to your body today with a liposuction suction.

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