Breaking The Myths About Body Contouring

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Breaking The Myths About Body Contouring

A perfect body is not an unattainable thing. People diet and workout rigorously to get a physique they love to carry. But for some unfortunate ones, getting that perfect figure seems a bit impossible due to various body struggles like loose skin and unwanted fat deposits, which stop them from having a smooth sculpted body.


It is to counter these issues that procedures body contouring are introduced in Dubai. But there are a number of myths regarding the contouring procedure, which causes a lot of confusion. So, let us try to break the myths regarding body contouring to make them more accessible and acceptable to the masses.


Myth 1: Body Contouring helps lose weight

False. In body contouring procedure, fat is removed through liposuction from unwanted areas in the body. Excess fat is removed from chin, neck, arms, waist, thighs, breasts and buttocks. The removed fat can also be lipo injected into areas requiring augmentation, like facial features or buttocks.

In other words, Body contouring is for shaping your body rather than losing extra fat. It cannot help treat obesity. In fact, the best candidates for the procedure are people within 30 percent of their normal weight range who are unable to shed fat from certain areas of their body even after a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Myth 2: Body Contouring is a fancy name for a tummy tuck

False. Although tummy tucking is part of body contouring, the procedure isn’t limited to tummy tucking. It consists of fat reduction from technically any part of the body with extra fat. The procedure has skin tightening techniques as well.  It also includes body augmentation procedures through lipoinjection, where fat from one part of the body is injected back at other areas to improve its aesthetics.


Myth 3: Body contouring is harmful to your body

False again. Body contouring is not a harmful procedure. But you need to be an eligible candidate to undergo the procedure. Body contouring is normally done on people who are within 30 percent of their normal weight range. Any pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, cholesterol etc. can leave you unsuitable for the procedure, as these can cause complications during the surgery.


Myth 4: Body contouring can stop you from gaining weight

False. Even if you underwent body contouring, it doesn’t stop you from putting on weight. You need to follow your healthy diet and workout sessions just the same to maintain the body you strived hard to get. However, even when you gain weight, you notice that it is more evenly distributed throughout your body than before.


Myth 5: Body contouring is very expensive and not available in the locality

False for all the right reasons! Body contouring procedures are not as expensive as they used to be and now it is certainly available in Dubai.  There was a time when liposuction and similar cosmetic surgeries used to cost a lot, but the things have improved in the past years. However before you actually go for a consultation, you need to do your homework right to find the best plastic surgeons in  Dubai for your needs. Time to say yes to body contouring!


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