8 Powerful Ways to Remove Your Belly Fat and Cost

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8 Powerful Ways to Remove Your Belly Fat and Cost

Obesity is one of the fastest-growing diseases across the world, especially in developed countries like the USA, where unhealthy fast food and snacks have become the eating norm. Well, with all the added sugary foods, juices, junk burgers, pizzas, and other deep-fried snacks, it’s not shocking to see many people looking at belly fat removal options.

The high level of obesity is also one reason why many people wonder about belly fat removal surgery cost. While belly fat removal surgeries like liposuction and gastric bypass are surely the fast and sure way to remove the hanging fat around your belly, the cost of medical treatment to reduce belly are often out of reach for most people.

So, what’s your best option?

Well, if you are one of those people who think belly fat removal surgery cost is just too much for your pocket, fret not because there are other options.

How to lose belly fat without surgery?

Now, when we are talking about natural ways to lose belly fat, one thing that you need to understand is that 90% of the belly fat would have to be lost in your kitchen. Yes, your diet forms the foundation of your fat loss program and if you fail, you can kiss goodbye to your target. No matter how many crunches or lunges you do daily or how many minutes you run on the treadmill, until and unless you are able to fix your diet there is no hope (we will be discussing that in a while).

Moving on, another main culprit that contributes to high-fat content is stress. High-stress levels break down the lean muscle mass (you don’t want to lose that) while holding on to fat storage. To make matters worse, high levels of stress can lead to bad eating habits, thus you end up in a poisonous circle of storing more and more belly fat with little hope.

Having said that, there are ways that can help you break the shackles. Below, we will be looking at 8 powerful ways to remove your belly fat without having to pay massive belly fat removal surgery cost. So, let’s just see what we got in the baggage down here:

  1.     Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the triggering points for all that can go wrong with a person and eventually ending up with added stress and piled belly fat It’s also one of the first and most important approaches for you to avoid belly fat removal surgery cost and eliminate extra fat. 

Have you noted that during movie nights on weekends you are always carving too much on anything you may find at that hour? Yes, when you work against your biorhythms, your body carves for extra calories. When you are exhausted, your body produces increased levels of ghrelin, the triggering agent for sugar and other fat-building food cravings. To further worsen things, sleep deprivation mess up your hormone production, affecting the insulin sensitivity of your body; a major culprit for belly fat.

So, if you are looking to achieve a flat belly, don’t mess with your biorhythms and get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

  1.     Short exercise bursts

Ok, since you aren’t looking to bulk up but to lose your belly fat, there is no point in pushing your body with long hours of exercise. I mean by pulling 1000 crunches one day, you won’t be getting any benefit rather get exhausted and unmotivated. The best punch on your belly fat can be made by working out all muscle groups including crunches and cardiovascular system. Do 10 crunches, then 10 chin-ups followed by 10 lunges, moving on to 10 lunges, 10 push-ups. Perform 2 supersets for these exercises and you will be pushing adrenaline across all the muscles.

  1.     Say goodbye to Sugar

The third step to save belly fat removal surgery cost and get fat free belly includes saying goodbye to sugar. Remember when we said that you will lose 90% of the belly fat in your kitchen. Well, that’s start will drastically reducing your sugar content. I mean, if you take a closer look into crap we are used to eating, you will be surprised to see the crazy amount of sugar that make up most of these products. A single can of carbonated drink has more sugar than required for the whole day.  What’s even more worrying is that foods that actually need to be healthy like cereals are now full of sugary content.


So, your fight against belly fat should start by cutting-off all excess sugar from the diet and switching to a healthy natural diet.

  1.     Eat Fat

Don’t be surprised when we say eat fat because just like it takes poison to create an antidote for poison, similarly, you need fats to burn fats. In fact, the “Ketogenic Diet”, which is undoubtedly one of the fastest weight loss diet programs with proven results relies on high-fat diet content and makes it an important step to save belly fat removal surgery cost. However, we aren’t talking about any fats but rather good fats which are rich in Omega 3, this may include natural fats from animals, olive oil, lard, avocados, salmon, etc.

In the ketogenic diet, the fat content should make up for 75% of the total food taken in a day; pretty shocking, isn’t it??

  1.     Eat Proteins

Moving on with our diet contents, you need to add protein to your diet, which is also the second major food content that makes up an ideal ketogenic diet plan and makes it yet another important step to save belly fat removal surgery cost, while eliminating extra fat. You can take any form of protein of your liking including eggs, lamb, beef, fish, chicken, etc. Just stay conscious of your cholesterol levels, which may shoot up with a high amount of red meat of egg yolks.

In the ketogenic diet, the protein content should make up 20% of the total food taken in a day in line with 75% fat content as described above.

  1.     Cut Carbs

Moving on, you need to extremely limit your daily carbs intake if you are to save belly fat removal surgery cost and get flat free belly. Carbs are mostly found in wheat, rice and other staple food items (even corns and all fruits). The reason carbs should be avoided is because these are easily break up in our digestive tract and store as fat content.

In the ketogenic diet, the carb content should be restricted to 5% of the total food taken in a day.

  1.     Eat Soluble Fibers

Unlike carbs, soluble fibers aren’t easily broken down, instead absorbs water to form a gel which is slowly digested, giving you a sense of fullness for a long time. Moreover, various studies have shown positive impacts of soluble fibers for weight loss as it reduced the number of calories absorbed by the body.

  1.     Reduce Stress Levels

The last punch to your belly fat and saves belly fat removal surgery cost includes reducing your stress level. As we have discussed above, the high-stress level can lead to increased production of cortisol, which increases the appetite and cravings for sugary content. This is especially harmful to women as female bodies tend to produce 2x more cortisol under stress as compared to men.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it, the perfect plan to get that ideal flat belly without bearing the belly fat removal surgery cost.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that there is no magic and weight loss is a lifestyle more than anything else.

You need to be consistent and keep up your perseverance to achieve your ideal belly and more important keep on the track to keep the extra pounds away after losing them once.

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