5 Benefits Of Vaser Liposuction Everyone Should Know

vaser liposuction

5 Benefits Of Vaser Liposuction Everyone Should Know

When it comes to getting into shape, there is no doubt that working out and diet control is the best option. However, sometimes we all have that stubborn fat deposits on our body, that does not vanish even with regular workout. If you are on the lookout for the perfect option to get rid of these fat deposits on your body, its time to consider vaser liposuction as a solution for your troubles.


If you are new to vaser liposuction and are unsure as to how it can help you achieve your body goals, this article is for you.


Traditional Vs Vaser Liposuction


The traditional liposuction procedure is a surgical method to remove excess fat from the body through suction. The patient is put under general anaesthesia, and small incisions are made on the target area prior to the procedure. A medicated saline solution is injected into the target area through these incisions in order to loosen the fat cells in the area. Using a cannula, which is also inserted through the incision, the fat cells are broken down, before extracting the fat using a vacuum powered suction device.


Although the method extracts a large amount of fat from the targeted area, traditional liposuction is known to cause internal injuries to the body, which further increases the recovery time for the patient.


On the other hand, Vaser liposuction uses an ultra-sound assisted method for removing fat from the body. However, this method uses the ultrasound waves to breakdown the fat cells in the targeted area, causing minimal harm to the surrounding tissues, including the nerve and blood vessels. As a result of being exposed to the ultrasound, the fat cells in the area breakdown, which are removed through a simple process of aspiration.


The ultrasound waves also stimulate collagen production, which results in the formation of tighter and smoother skin around the treatment area. Apart from removing the stubborn fat from the body, the procedure also provides better contour to the body.


Key benefits of Vaser liposuction


Here are the 5 reasons that make vaser liposuction better than traditional liposuction methods-

  • The vaser liposuction procedure does not involve deep incisions or sutures that leave scars on the body.
  • The procedure is relatively comfortable and pain-free, unlike the traditional method which involves forceful extraction of fat.
  • Vaser liposuction improves the elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen production. On the other hand, traditional liposuction is known to leave irregular fat deposits on the skin, leading to visible lumps or blood clots.
  • Vaser liposuction also requires very little downtime for recovery as it is minimally invasive.
  • Unlike in the case of the traditional liposuction which may require additional skin tightening and contouring procedures, Vaser liposuction gives a better contour and toned appearance without the need for further procedures.


Consult your plastic surgeon in Dubai today for more details on the procedure and determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.


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