Tendon Release*

Tendon Release

CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome) is a condition in which Median Nerve is compressed when it crosses at level of wrist through carpal tunnel that is formed by combination of carpal bones and flexor retinaculum. (Transverse carpal ligaments). Carpus is Greek word that mean wrist. In literature this condition can effect up to 10% of general population.

Motor, Sensory vasomotor and trophic symptoms in hand caused by compression of median nerve in carpal tunnel. There are medical and surgical management of this condition.
Cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is usually multifactorial and not due to one cause.

Depending on the severity, extent, severity and degree of nerve compression, surgery may provide the best chance for improvement of symptoms. Surgery is performed to relieve symptoms and to prevent irreversible loss of nerve function. Physiotherapy including Hand rehabilitation post surgery may be necessary in a small number of patients.

Surgical indications

  • Persistent symptoms after at least 3 months of non-operative treatment
  • Positive physical examination at least after 3 months of non operative treatment
  • Positive electro diagnostic testing after 3 months of non-operative treatment

Surgical indication is to Prevent further damage to the median nerve and the muscles that it innervates. It also relieves the pressure on the median nerve by dividing the transverse carpal ligament, allowing the contents within the carpal tunnel to expand.

Surgical approaches

  • Open carpal tunnel release
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release
  • Mini-open
  • Limited incision (combination of the open and the endoscopic techniques)


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