Ten Little Tricks How to Make Botox Last Longer

Ten Little Tricks How To Make Botox Last Longer

Eventually, we all are going to age…

I mean, how scary it might sound, the fact of the matter is that each one of us will have to deal with wrinkles and fine lines.

And that also means that no matter how much you take care of your skin, at the end of the road, there are going to be wrinkles and lines to deal with.

Fortunately, there is a help!

Yes, I am talking about botox treatment, which definitely helps to suppress/reduce much of the fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox treatment is an aesthetic process that’s highly preferred across the world to treat aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines and rejuvenate a youthful appearance. However, like many aesthetic processes, botox treatment is a temporary procedure. The results for botox injections typically last 3-6 months or longer, depending on multiple factors.

So, before you decide to go under the knife for a botox treatment, it is important to know the procedure, as well as know-how to make botox last longer.

What’s the typical botox lasting life?

Well before we move to answer how to make botox last longer, it’s important to see what’s the typical life of botox. As said above, the botox results can last from a few months to multiple years. Some of the factors that influence the botox lasting include quality of the botox, surgeon’s experience, your body reaction to botox amongst various others. It is important to note that at the end of the day the fine lines and wrinkles will ultimately return, so you should be mentally prepared.

Does botox last longer when taken multiple times?

Yes and No.

Remember, your facial muscles that make up fine lines and wrinkles are strongest when you get treated for botox the first time. This means that you may not get the best results from the first treatment. Getting multiple botox injections will result in weakening of the muscles, thus you may expect better botox results with less severe wrinkles and fine lines. So, the answer to how to make Botox last longer is a definite Yes, when taken multiple times.

This also means that you might need to go for the second botox sooner after the very first treatment (which may last up to 3 months initially). However, you may get relieved from wrinkles and fine lines for up to six months or more after the second treatment but it varies with each patient. 

Lastly, the eventual botox results will vary from person to person and how an individual’s body reacts to the treatment, thereby, it’s best to talk to the surgeon about possible results.

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How to make botox last longer?

Well, if you are getting suspicious about getting the botox treatment, there is no need for that. That’s because there are various tips and tricks that can help you extend the life of your botox injections. Below, we have come up with some great tips to answer your query about how to make botox last longer. Let’s start immediately!


1. Choose a professional surgeon

Every time I am asked about how to make Botox last longer, my first advice is to ensure you choose the right surgeon. That’s because only the most experienced and qualified surgeon understands the right dosage required for specific body areas. Moreover, an experienced and professional surgeon will be able to talk to you about the implications and benefits of the procedure, as well as guide you with the measures to help results last longer.

2. Use high-quality medical-grade botox injections

Since Botox injections are the most preferred and highly in-demand treatment throughout the world, there are various sub-standard botox injections available in the market. While these sub-standard botox injections might sound appealing with low prices, they can do serious harm to your skin and overall health. Moreover, these botox injections are diluted, which also means the results won’t last long. Thereby, when you ask about how to make botox last longer, make sure you choose medical-grade botox injection that is manufactured using high-quality active ingredients.

3. Minimize your exposure to direct sun

Moving on with our list of how to make botox last longer, we have yet another very important tip about sun protection. Remember, the higher your body exposure to the sun’s UV ray, the faster the reversing process of botox treatment. Thereby, I highly recommend all botox treatment patients to minimize their direct exposure to the sun. Use high-quality sunscreen whenever you go outside. Also, use a wide-brimmed hat and avoid going out in the sun at least in peak UV hours.

4. Take proper care of your skin

Next in line for our list of how to make Botox last longer is a definitive Skincare. As a general rule of thumb, the better you are able to take care of your skin, the longer your botox results will last. And when we talk about skincare, we aren’t restricting ourselves to any one particular dimension like cosmetics, rather we are taking into account the complete spectrum of skincare. This includes using high-quality skincare cosmetics as well as your daily eating and drinking habits. There are even some specific cosmetic products that help maintains the overall balance of your skin and increase the life of your botox treatment.

5. Stay hydrated

Moving on with our quest to see how to make botox last longer, we have a very important tip of keeping your body hydrated. Remember, 70% of your body is made up of water and you need to maintain the ratio to keep your body in optimal condition. You need to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and keep off fine lines and wrinkles from reappearing. Minimize your intake of beverages like cold drinks, coffee or alcohol as they tend to have dehydrating effects on your body. Alternatively, increase your intake for water and green tea (the antioxidants present in the green tea rejuvenate your skin and minimize the severity of wrinkles).

6. Adopt a healthy diet

There is no question of how to make Botox last longer without proper eating habits. Remember, you are what you eat. This means that whether you are looking to maintain your physique or looking to stay younger with fresh skin, the eating habits will have a direct influence you the final results. To start with, you need to minimize the intake of unhealthy foods especially sugar and processed foods. Moreover, you need to increase the intake of green leafy foods to maximize your botox results.

7. Use Zinc Supplements

There have been various studies showing direct positive impacts of zinc levels to botox efficacy. Nonetheless, many people already suffer from zinc deficiency and thereby, it’s always a good idea to take zinc supplements as a means to answer the query of how to make botox last longer.

8. Don’t take the stress

Stress is part of our life. I got it. However, more than the stress it’s our reaction to the stress that negatively impacts our life and health.

See, each and every individual have to deal with different stresses stemming from academics to careers and from finances to relationships. However, not being able to handle stress with calmness can lead to the release of certain body hormones which accelerate our aging process, thus negatively impacting your botox treatment results. Thereby, when you are looking for how to make botox last longer, you need to learn the art of leading a relaxed and calm life and let go the life stresses. Yoga and other stress relief techniques can greatly help you in this regard.

9. Exercise

Exercise is one activity that greatly helps to improve your overall mental and physical health. Whether it’s about staying fit or about letting go of the toxic life stresses, exercises regularly greatly help in keeping you young and energetic. Thereby, to make your Botox treatment last longer, you should start different exercises including cardio, any physical game or even weight lifting that can be great.

10. Don’t be judgmental to your appearance

Lastly, you need to be gentle in your approach to judge your appearance. Too often I come across patients that have developed a hysteria of judging themselves in the mirror after the botox treatment. Well, honestly that’s not recommended. By constantly judging yourselves in the mirror, you actually invigorate muscles unconsciously which causes botox to lose effect.

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