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Every year around the world many people get new tattoo. This number is steadily increasing in USA and currently million of people have tattoos. Some new statics shows that approximately 5 million people considering removal of tattoos due to many reasons. Some common reasons of tattoo removal include:

  • Wrong location
  • Poor quality work of tattoo which is fading with time
  • Work related purposes like joining military where certain tattoo is not acceptable.
  • Spouse doesn’t like it or there is change in relationship
  • Vulgar and inappropriate words or images that effect professional or personal relationship
  • Change in tattoo ink and quality
  • Skin pathology

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for Tattoo removal?

Some candidates are good candidate for LASER tattoo removal if they have one or two unwanted tattoos. Not all Tattoos can respond to LASER removal and depend on it color, location, so if you are considering this treatment contact our office for further details.

What are different methods of Tattoo removal?

Traditional method of Tattoo removal is utilizing LASER which break up tattoo ink which eventually absorb by the body.
Intense pulse light therapy can also be used to remove tattoo in some patients especially with light skin complexion and darkly imprinted Tattoo. When perform by the qualified personal both

LASER and IPL is safe method of tattoo removal.

Some Tattoos can be removed through surgical procedure if they are small and amenable to surgical treatment.

How long will it take to have my tattoo removed?

It is multi session process that requires several outpatient treatments. On average it require 5-7 sessions and each session can take from few minutes to an hour. It all depends on location color and type of tattoo size.

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