Stem cell treatment for face: The Science of Facial Rejuvenation!

Stem Cell Treatment For Face

Stem Cells are unrestrictive and adaptive cells produced by our body and designated to enhance the tissue healing process. Naturally, stem cells within our body divide and regenerate themselves producing either more stem cells or other specialized cells. Over the past few years, stem cells have been increasingly used in various medical procedures including cosmetic and well-being treatment. Out of the various medical uses, stem cell treatment for face and skin rejuvenation is one of the most preferred and conducted cosmetic procedures across the world. The procedure involves extracting stem cells from the patient’s body and reinjecting concentrated stem cells into the facial areas of the body. The treatment acts as face therapy as well as an anti-aging treatment, helping facial skin to rejuvenate.

What are Stem Cells?

Before we get into the details of stem cell skin rejuvenation, let’s start with a brief introduction to the stem cells.

The human body as is known is made up of trillions of cells. Most of these cells are designated for some specific purposes like white cells are tasked to enhance tissue growth and healing of wounds. However, stem cells in our body are unique because they aren’t limited to a specific task. Instead, stem cells are adaptive cells that can regenerate themselves into other types of cells, depending upon the environment they are placed in. Now, for these reasons, stem cell for skin rejuvenation purposes, are able to behave in that specific environment and improve the overall skin appearance.

What’s the origin of stem cells?

Just like all other types of cells found in our body, stem cells are generated by the human body naturally. However, to be more specific, these cells are more concentrated in the fat tissues. This is also the reason why during stem cell treatment for face, stem cells are squeezed out of the body areas with maximum fat deposits, including lower back area or from around the hips. Since the stem cell treatment for face includes taking cells from the patient’s own body, the procedure is considered as highly safe and beneficial for most individuals.

What is Stem cell treatment for face?

A stem cell treatment for face or simply stem cell facial rejuvenation process is a popular cosmetic procedure that includes extracting of stem cells from fatty areas of the body and reinjecting it into the facial regions. The process can be divided into three steps including,

1– Collect 50-60 ml of fat and send it to the laboratory for amplifying stem cells. Adipocyte derived stem cells (ADSC). 

2– Release of these amplified stem cells ready to inject into recipient areas of the treatment. 

3– injecting stem cells into the face, hair and other areas required for rejuvenation. 

The procedure is carried out either under the influence of numbing gel or local anesthesia.

How stem cell treatment for face works?

As describe above, stem cells are able to regenerate themselves as per the environment they are placed in. Thereby, during the stem cell treatment for face, the cells are able to enhance the growth of new skin, while gently removing the damaged tissues. The cells also facilitate in production of collagen, which is a substance that gives skin its natural elasticity. Last but not least, stem cells also help in enhancing the blood circulation in the facial areas, thus giving a more youthful and rejuvenating appearance.

Who is the right candidate for stem cell treatment for face?

Stem cell treatment for face is an ideal procedure for individuals with visible wrinkles, fine lines or those who are losing the natural youthful appearance of face due to aging. It’s the ideal substitute procedure for individuals who are looking for a surgical facelift. Since the procedure only encompasses the use of injections, patients don’t have to worry about long recovery time or scars from incisions. Stem cell treatment for face is also better suited for people who don’t want to go through repetitive fillers treatment

Stem cell treatment for face results

The stem cell treatment for face is a highly beneficial procedure with high potential to produce expected outcomes for patients. The treatment helps in resurrecting the youthful and rejuvenating facial results for the patient, giving a much tighter and elastic skin. The treatment is also helpful in replacing the damaged or dead skin tissues with new tissues by regenerating stem cells for the environment they are in.

Benefits of Stem cell treatment for face

          Triggers the production of new skin cells as well as replacing the damaged tissues

          Minimum invasive, negligible post-operation inflammation and hyperpigmentation

          Enhance skin radiance by giving you plump skin

          Minimize facial scars

          Enhance skin texture

          Improve the skin pores

          Minimal scars

What symptoms do stem cell treatment for face treat?

          Fine lines and wrinkles

          Scars remodeling

          Deep creases

          Reduce aging signs

          Improve acne scars appearance

          An alternative solution to synthetic fillers

          Increase collagen production

          Promote skin healing

          Correction of laugh lines

          Improvement of under-eye bags

Applications of stem cells

          Wound healing

          Hair regrowth

          Facial lines treatment

          Scarring removal

          Acne scars


          Skin rejuvenating  

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