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Lip Fillers Dubai

Are you satisfied with the size and shape of your lips?

Apart from shaping your smile, lips influence your overall appearance. Plump lips represent youth and beauty and no it’s not just women but men equally deserve plump and fuller lips to be able to feel confident and reclaim their personality.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the shape of size of your lips, Hasan Surgery can help you regain your confidence with our lip fillers Dubai procedure. Here’s your chance to get lip enhancement procedure by highly qualified and specialist cosmetic surgeons at Hasan Surgery and regain the lost confidence in yourself.

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lips augmentation or lips fillers is a cosmetic procedure that is meant to create fuller and plump lips to improve the shape, size, and appearance of lips. Thin lips represent aging, while plump lips with clearly highlighted borders make all the difference to the personality of men and women, making them appear youthful, appealing and attractive.

Atrophy of facial fat is one of the most common symptoms of aging, this can result in thinning of your lips, and since across most of the culture around the world prize youth, thinner lips can pretty badly damage your appearance and personality, making you undesirable. At Hasan Surgery, we have had helped numerous clients from across the world with our high standard lip augmentation Dubai procedures, performed by experienced and qualified surgeons.  

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Are you the right candidate for Lip Enhancement?

If you are dealing with one of the below-mentioned lips conditions, you are the right candidate to choose lip augmentation:

  • You are dealing with very thin lips
  • You don’t have well-accentuated lips
  • You have asymmetrical lips
  • Only a small red portion of your lips is visible
  • You have lines on your lips

What are your options for lip fillers in Dubai?

At Hasan Surgery, we offer different lip enhancement options to our clients including:

–    Injectable Fillers

These are one of the most popular and safe non-surgical lip augmentation procedure. The procedure involved injecting of lip fillers with tiny needles. This method is the least invasive method and the results can last from six to twelve months.

–    Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is a more durable method of lip augmentation as compared to injectable fillers. However, the process is a bit more complex as well. In this method, a small portion of fat would be taken from another part of your body (using liposuction procedure) and will be injected to your lips.

–    Synthetic Implants

This is a permanent lip enhancement procedure. The soft synthetic implant is inserted inside the lips by making small incisions inside the mouth. We have different synthetic materials available for a lip enhancement procedure.

What are the risks involved in the procedure?

Lip augmentation is one of the safer cosmetic procedure with rare complications. However, there may be certain risks involved in the procedure and our expert surgeons will talk to you about risks involved with each procedure. At Hasan Surgery, we have some of the highly qualified and experienced lip fillers Dubai Surgeons, so you can be confident of a smooth and safe procedure.

Some of the common risks involved with lip augmentation procedure include temporary swelling, skin discoloration, infection, bruising. Remember, these are extremely rare symptoms and often go away within a week of the procedure.


*Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients. In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, each surgery and every recovery and healing period. For more information click to read our full Disclaimer


More About Lip Fillers

One of the most popular cosmetic procedure in Dubai is lip augmentation using lip fillers. The procedure promises the patient fuller and plumper lips, enhancing its aesthetic appearance.


There are many types of injectable lip fillers that can be easily administered in the lips and around the mouth. But the most popular lip filler in use today is hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found in everyone’s body in relatively high concentrations in the basal layer of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid provides the skin it’s hydrated and smooth feel, which is why it is one of the most effective and hypoallergic lip filler in use today.


Previously, collagen and fat injections were also in use as lip fillers. However, they are less often in use due to less favorable results they pose.


Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers


The hyaluronic acid lip fillers bring visible changes to the shape, structure and volume of your lips and can last for around 6 months post-treatment. Top up injections are necessary to maintain the results every 6 to 7 months.


There are several hyaluronic acid lip fillers available in the market of which Restylane and Juvederm are the most widely used. These products are injected into the lips directly to achieve desirable results. Some of the lip fillers contain a local anesthetic called the lidocaine.


The hyaluronic lip fillers allow the plastic surgeon more control on the lip volume and can adjust it according to your needs. The injections are given over a number of appointments to get the desired result and any irregularities like bumps or lumps can be easily dissolved.


Hyaluronic acid lip fillers cause less swelling and bruising and also last longer compared to other dermal fillers. As a component normally found in the human body, hyaluronic acid is hypoallergic. However, allergic reactions are possible due to the presence of lidocaine, the local anaesthetic in some of the HA products.


The procedure


Lip augmentation using Injectable HA lip fillers take little to no time to perform. Your plastic surgeon at Hasan Surgery uses a nerve block injection or a topical/local numbing agent to ease the discomfort. If you are going for a fat filler injection, a liposuction procedure is performed on some part of the patient’s body prior to lip augmentation. Using fine needles, the lip fillers are injected into the individual’s lips.


Results and aftercare

Following the procedure, patients are told not to put too much pressure on their lips until it is healed. Ice is used to ease further discomforts if any. Your plastic surgeon will also recommend avoiding lipsticks and lip balms immediately after the procedure.


The lip filler will fill in the tissues and provide the desired shape and volume immediately after the procedure. Once healed, your lips will look naturally soft and plump.


The right candidate


Any healthy person is the right candidate for lip augmentation. HA lip fillers are hypoallergic in most cases causing low chances for risk. However, it is entirely up to the individual as to whether they want to modify the shape and size of their lips. It is important to keep realistic expectations about your outcome. Mostly lips enhanced using lip fillers appear more plum and fuller immediately after the injections.


Our expert plastic surgeons at our cosmetic clinic in Dubai can help you choose the best lip filler for your needs. All you have to be is a healthy person without the habit of smoking.


If you are carrying an active infection like oral herpes or suffer from diabetes, blood clotting issues or lupus, you will be discouraged from undergoing the procedure. Further, it is important to share your medical history with your surgeon before the procedure to help him decide the most suitable method for you or ascertain your candidature.

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