Hand Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Tendon Repair*

Extensor Tendon Repair Surgery Extensor tendon is injured commonly due to laceration injury to the limb, crush injuries, sprains, and chronic arthritis and in rare cases without any apparent insult to the tendon. Once it is severed it usually require surgical repair....

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Tendon Release*

CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome) is a condition in which Median Nerve is compressed when it crosses at level of wrist through carpal tunnel that is formed by combination of carpal bones and flexor retinaculum. (Transverse carpal ligaments). Carpus is Greek word that mean...

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Ganglion Cyst Surgery*

Ganglion cysts are common noncancerous tumors (masses) found in the wrist, hand, and fingers.  There are many theories for the development of ganglion cysts.  Ganglion cysts may interfere with hand function or cause complaints of pain.  Depending on the extent and...

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