Cheek Augmentation In Dubai

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A balanced face where eyes, nose, cheek, and nose are in proportion is a must as per the modern-day beauty standards. Cheek augmentation Dubai is meant to improve the structural integrity of patients, giving it a well-defined, balanced and attractive appearance.

At Hasan Surgery, cheek implant Dubai is one of the more popular face enhancement surgeries. As per the modern-day beauty standards, high cheekbones are in high demand and considered an integral part of the overall beauty standards. A well-defined and high cheekbone gives a youthful and exquisite appearance to the overall face, making you look prominent and attractive. 

Why Choose Hasan Surgery for Cheek Augmentation in Dubai?

Hasan Surgery is one of the few cosmetic clinics in Dubai offering reliable cheek augmentation Dubai procedures using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly qualified surgeons with years of industry experience enable us to offer the safe, comfortable and best experience that delivers the world of difference to patients.

Our cheek implant Dubai treatment dramatically enhances the overall facial appearance of patients by adding definite contours and volume to the face.

Who is the right candidate for the Cheek Augmentation in Dubai?

You may be the ideal candidate for surgery if you:

  • Have naturally flat cheeks
  • Have lost cheek volume
  • Need improvement in jawline contours
  • Want to have desirable high cheekbone
  • Have out of proportion facial features

What are the right cheek augmentation Goals?

Before you undertake cheek enhancement surgery, you should have realistic goals for the surgery. Some of the achievable goals with our cheek enhancement procedure in Dubai include:

  • Enhancing the overall appearance of your face
  • Defining the jawline contours
  • Enhancing cheek contours
  • Enhancing the overall facial structure
  • Giving volume to flat cheeks
  • Filling in the areas beneath eyes

Pre-op Preparation

To get the best result out of the cheek implant Dubai surgery, we recommend you few pre-op preparatory steps. At Hasan Surgery, our surgeons schedule a pre-op meeting with patients to be able to understand their side of the story and offer recommendations based on their expertise and experience. We physically examine each patient and offer guidelines for the surgery. Some of the common pre-op preparations for cheek augmentation may include:

  • Quitting smoking to ensure fast healing/recovery time
  • Giving-up drinking at least a week before surgery
  • Stop taking any inflammatory medicines
  • Following a strict diet recommended by surgeons
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