*Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients. In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, each surgery and every recovery and healing period.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)*

Blepharoplasty or what is commonly referred to as eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic cum medical surgery. The blepharoplasty surgery helps treat drooping eyelids; thus acting as an anti-aging treatment…

Breast Reduction*

Bigger isn’t always better! Yes, this famous saying holds the truth; especially when talking about women breasts. For many women with awkwardly large breasts, it can bring in various life…

Brow Lift*

A Brow Lift is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the forehead and eyebrow regions.  As individuals age, looseness in these regions may cause drooping of…

Tendon Repair*

Extensor Tendon Repair Surgery Extensor tendon is injured commonly due to laceration injury to the limb, crush injuries, sprains, and chronic arthritis and in rare cases without any apparent insult…

Scar Revision*

Plastic surgeon frequently performed scar revision procedure. Certain diseases, injuries and surgeries can result in prominent scarring. Every surgery leaves some scar and it is often hard to get rid…

Abdominal Surgery*

Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure in which excess skin and fatty tissue are removed from lower and middle abdomen area. This is not only targeted to remove the excess…

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