Surgery Center Staff

Anam Faiz

Managing Director Hasan Surgery

Ms. Anam Faiz has remarkable leadership skills, dedication to excellence and extensive experience in the administrative medical field contribute to the smooth running of our practice. Ms Anam ensures and oversees that the entire staff comes together and works as a team to ultimately fulfill our most important goal and top priority which is to offer our patients the absolute finest personalized premium service throughout their entire experience at our center.

Surgery Center Staff - Director

Dr. Kaoutar Boukamel

Assistant Managing Director & Patient Coordinator

Dr. Kaoutar has a Doctorate in General Medicine as well as a Master of Science in Healthcare Management. To begin her medical career, she worked as a General practitioner in a Family Practice Clinic in Morocco before moving to the USA in 1999 and joining the University of Maryland Medical School as a Postdoctoral Research Associate for four years. Then, she joined the Royal College of Surgeon Ireland (RCSI) – Institute of Leadership and Healthcare Management for a master’s Program. Prior to joining Hasan Surgery, she successfully managed all operational aspects of Dr. Wafa Gynecology & Fertility Centre and Orchid Reproductive & Andrology Services in Dubai Healthcare City for over 7 years, providing support and direction to enhance performance, skills and knowledge to the practice clinical and administrative staff members, and achieved excellence in care given to patients. Dr. Kaoutar believes that the importance of serving the diverse needs of all patients is paramount to the success of any clinic. Moreover, her main goals are to provide logistical and emotional support to all Hasan Surgery patients which will then allow for a harmonious journey and a bespoke medical experience.

Surgery Center Staff - Director

Kathy Kate Galera

Registered Nurse

Kathy is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse with good practical experience in Surgical Ward and Intensive Care Unit. She has well regarded skills in providing optimum patient care. She gains the trust and confidence of each patient and understands of the patient needs and complaints. She is involved in implementing plans through tasks such as preparing patients for operations, observing and recording the condition of patients on pre and post surgeries. Kathy is Self-motivated, flexible, and adaptable in any assigned area, she always ensures to educate patients and provide continuity of care to all our patients at hasan Surgery

Surgery Center Staff - Nurse

Carene Anne Cervan

Registered Nurse

Carene is perhaps the freshest addition to our very versatile team of skilled professionals. She is trained mostly for aesthetics and plastic surgery in Outpatient and operating theatre setting, she is also versed in handling cases from other fields of specialty. Her affinity for aesthetic nursing and Theater is incessant, given her being a part of Hasan Surgery family.

Surgery Center Staff - Nurse

Vilma Barnedo Reyes

Front Desk representative and Admin Assistant

Vilma has the responsibility of greeting and registering our patients upon arrival to Hasan Surgery. She represents the very first interaction in your experience at Hasan Surgery, which we believe should be the most positive and enjoyable. She will be the friendly face you see upon check in/out. Vilma has more extensive hands on experience in Clerical, administrative support services and executive support tasks which includes quality document controller and patient safety.

Surgery Center Staff - Nurse
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